a brief intro

hey, hi, hello there! I’m Kendal Ann. Currently I reside in Washington, DC where I am pursuing my dreams. From university to Washington, one thing that will never change is who I am and where I came from. Wisconsinite turned Washingtonian in January 2012.

I graduate of Winona State University, Political Science: International Studies, Middle East and Africa. She found a way to marry her passions: politics, advocacy and social media through internships on Capital Hill and at Consortium for Ocean Leadership. Most recently I worked at AREVA as their PAC Manager on the Strategy, Government and International Affairs team. Now, I am the newest member of National Community Pharmacists Association and I’m is running their PAC.

As an active alumna of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, I brought an Alumnae Association to the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area. So, if you are a Deepher and interested in joining the association, contact me or visit our website.

I am a proud member of  Digital District (DD) and is their current Director of Membership. Kicking it with Digital District is something that I am engrossed in most Wednesdays. I also work heavily with the sponsorship team and dabbles in the familiar field of philanthropy. It has been an extraordinary opportunity to bond with media nerds in our Nation’s Capital through DD.

Most importantly, rooting for Wisconsin teams, playing with sharks and exploring the city through new cuisines, libations and tunes are always in the forefront after work.


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